Motherhoods Garden

Motherhoods Garden

Introducing Motherhoods Garden a 6-week therapeutic programme for mums and their babies with herbs and love.

Letting go of the guilt and insecurities and sowing the seeds of love and acceptance with herbal remedies and space to share, be heard and held.

As a mum with a new baby myself, I am acutely aware of some of the challenges we as new mums can face. Of course, it is a time of joy and new discoveries, where our hearts are expanded with feelings of love we haven’t felt before, but it is also a time when we meet parts of ourselves we are unfamiliar with, parts of ourselves we are not always comfortable with.

Often our experiences of being a new mum are mixed in with sleep deprivation and not enough time or headspace to look after ourselves properly and we may be feeling exhausted or depressed or both, and on top of that a layer of guilt for feeling all these things too.

I want to hold a space for a small group of mums or mums to be to come together and support one another with herbs and love thrown in. I want to create a space for you to bring your entire self everything that comes along with motherhood, tiredness, joy, anxiety, love, fear, elation, depression, questions, convictions, certainty and insecurity and everything else in-between, plus any health concerns for mother or baby.

As a herbalist I will create a space of safety, permission and warmth so that we are truly talking to one another, truly listening to each other from that place of knowing deep inside ourselves. As we listen to each other herbs will come into the circle to support our needs, we will make remedies required and you will have someone to one time with me and a herbal prescription to support your journey.

Your babies are welcome and a part of the circle. I will provide some extra hands to keep exploring babies safe, so that you can also have the space to talk when you need to.

Location: Locus of Walthamstow, 1 Chingford Road, E17 4PY.

The first session will be a free taster session to see if the course feels right for you.

The total value of the programme will be £157 (special launch price).

This includes your own herbal prescription and any remedies made in the sessions. Payments can be made in instalments.

To Book: 07413 253 998

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