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Intuiting Healing – Deepening our Listening

Intuiting Healing – Deepening our Listening

A 12 Week guided healing journey with Herbs and Love

Are you feeling stuck creatively or with a health issue that won’t resolve itself?

Are you curious about herbal medicine, about journeying with plants, about the healing capacity of plant medicine?

Is there something in life, a past experience, trauma, unresolved emotions that you feel is holding you back?

Is your sense of joy and possibility affected by negative thinking?

Do you feel that there is something more to life that you would like to connect with?

Do you feel that there are ideas buzzing inside you but you can’t bring these ideas to form?

Are you exhausted, chasing your tail but frustrated by a lack of creative manifestation?

Would you like to feel more vibrant, engaged, inspired?

Would you like to see your heart felt visions come into the world?

Would you like to understand your health concerns on a deeper level and understand how to follow their guidance.

Would you like to feel more deeply connected and available to those around you?

Would you like to find some freedom from the world of thought?

Would you like to live more from the heart?

Are you feeling like you would like to go on a journey within?

Then this is the project for you.

12 weeks of deep rest 

12 weeks of discovering the healing powers within you

12 weeks of creative inspiration

12 weeks of feeling deeply engaged, held and guided on a journey with yourself, the herbs and 9 other women.

Did you know that all the answers to your questions are inside you and all you need to do to find them is to listen deeply. This is not always easy, we may have to clear the way, we may need to slow down. Become quieter.

I will take you on a journey to reach this deeper place inside you. I can not know what that place will be for each of you but I can support you with a deep listening and exploration into your senses through the sacred offerings of medicinal plants, to source and ignite a healing path for yourself. 

This may bring a deeper connection to yourself, to the Divine, it may bring a greater sense of health, vitality and prosperity, it may bring peace. It may just bring you closer to your question. Where ever it takes you it will open you up to the dynamism of life, the vibrancy of spirit and you will feel more engaged, present and energised. There is no ideal, there is no where to get to, just a deepening, an opening to the heart, a journey and it will be with you for ever.

We will learn to ask the questions and then we will listen to each other, to ourselves, to the plants and in connecting with one another and to the knowledge in the plants we will connect deeply to ourselves, our creativity our inspiration, our healing. 

There will be meditations, body work, an immersion into herbal medicine, sensory explorations, deep listening to ourselves; to one another, silence, talking, moving, insights, questions, being in nature, love, understanding, compassion, space.

Project Details

Intuiting Healing – Deepening our listening

A 12 week guided healing journey with herbs and love

Start Date: Saturday 27thApril

10 women

I have decided to make this a child free space to really give mothers the space you need and the permission for some child free time.

The project will start with 6 weekly meetings. 10-1pm from Saturday 27thApril.

Location will be in London in a beautiful light filled room, with some sessions taking place in nature.

There will be 2 more live meetings and a weekly online, Zoom call in between.

Investment: £350 if paid in full or Deposit £200 paid by April 1st

And one more payment of £200 paid by the completion of the project

I would love to talk to you about this project if it is feeling right for you.

Please call 07413253998 Or sarah@sarahherbal.co.uk

Want to try it out? Free immersion evening Saturday 23rd March. 7pm-9pm.


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