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Today my marketing strategy was to take a bath!

Today my marketing strategy was to take a bath!

When I was at home with my one year old baby the approach to my business was forced to change with less time for spending at the computer and very little control over my time. Although at times I found this frustrating, I also found myself surrendering to to what these new conditions allowed, enjoying the head space away from the computer, and away from the deadline, driven life I had had before. 

However as soon as he went to sleep or I had some child free time I would get this sense of drive back. It was often accompanied with a sense of overwhelm and a lot of pressure. I would have things in my head that felt like they needed completing but the time I had wouldn’t allow for this.

I started to dread this moment when the baby would be asleep when I would feel the pressure mounting. It made me feel as though I was living two lives, unable to enjoy the rhythm and down time of motherhood much needed to balance the time when the baby was awake and it often left me feeling frustrated not able to really do what I wanted to do with my business in those short times.

I realised I didn’t want to live in this fragmented way anymore. I didn’t want to wait for my baby to be asleep before I could do my thing, or wait for it to grow up for my life to start. My life was being lived now.

I felt like I was being called to stop using this time to ‘work’ and what I did instead would be to sit and tune into how I felt and follow a deeper calling, trust it more, to see where it would lead.

This time became so precious. I would ask myself what did I want to do with that time?

Sometimes I would meditate or have a bath, often I would write. I would follow what felt most important and if that meant taking care of myself or doing something creative with no aim in mind that’s what I did.

It often felt counterintuitive as in my head I had all these things I thought I had to do, but I listened to my body and this was deeply connecting in itself. I hated the feeling that there were these two separate parts of my life – looking after my baby and looking after my business. 

Then strangely I started to notice that my business was actually building. Clients were coming to me and my turnover had not changed since having the baby. I also realised that I needed a lot less time to run my business than I thought. Although I was busy with a baby I had lots of head space and this break from formal action driven developments of business actually led me to have  insights and callings to take new directions in my business. I noticed that movement and growth were happening with intention as much as action. I realised that in letting go of control more, I felt more peace, and it felt like my business was starting to create its own life, through me, rather than by me.

A deep knowing was saying to me – live your business, live what you are teaching and the business will evolve with you. 

It became clear to me that if I am building a business that is trying to teach people to be more connected to themselves, to live their creativity and heal their health symptoms by listening to themselves then I needed to do the same. 

If my body was struggling with mastitis for instance (quite common for breastfeeding mums which I was) I couldn’t ignore it and carry on with my marketing plan, I needed to go and tend to it.  And when I did follow this, when I chose that action over another one, the energy that that created in me not only healed my mastitis it started to inform my business. It felt like my business and my life were no longer separate entities they felt like they were being informed by one another. I was starting to let go of the controls and find a greater trust in allowing what wanted to come through me into the world. 

Of course there were times when I was struck with this sense of  wanting to get things done and at times when child free I would turn into this crazy, action, minded person, telling myself ‘do as much as you can!’ 

I could relate to this drive but it would often leave me feeling frustrated, exhausted or with a feeling of lack as though I was somehow not able to do or be enough. However when I looked at the reality my business was not failing. My business was healthy. 

The reality was just enough clients were finding me, drawn to me through meetings or coming across my website, new projects and ideas were flying in, networking was happening without planning it. Movement was going on beyond my own perception. I trusted that everything was happening as it was meant to be so that my business could grow at the right rate so that I could still enjoy the majority of my time focusing on my baby, and I could rest in that.

I started to use a different muscle. I started to follow my intuition more, recognise the need to tend more, tend to; myself, my baby, my life, my energy, my resources, my spiritual health and allow this to strengthen my business.

So more times than I can count over the last two years when I sat down to write a newsletter or try to communicate with the outside world, tired from lack of sleep, aches and pains here and there, a dozen thoughts spinning round my head, instead of trying to drive these all away and just get on with it, I chose to make my marketing strategy to have a bath instead.

I chose to allow all these formulating ideas, this precious experience of having a child and a business sink deeper into my body. I discovered the more I stuck to following what I needed to do, the more I felt, my business my motherhood, my health all existing together, it all coming from one source, it all being one.

Often I would write in these moments not quite sure what I was writing for, sometimes frustrated at how long things would take to formulate. But as I deepened this experience then I found that this experience was then communicated through more than an email, it was communicated through a deepening of it in my very being. The more I allowed this knowing to be known to myself the stronger the message I wanted to convey became. 

And now I really want to share this. I want to support women to experience their wholeness, to connect with themselves and emerge from this sense of their deeper knowing.

Motherhoods Blossoming is a new online project that emerged from these many baths and blue sky musings and presents itself as a metaphor for us to open up, draw out and allow in the sun, connecting up all the different parts of ourselves so that we feel the vitality and health of our creative lives running through us as we create our motherhood and our motherhood creates us.

Women who enter motherhood often speak about this sense of not wanting to go back to what they were doing before. They recognise that this is an opportunity to take a new direction, they start to experience themselves in new ways, sometimes this is scary, sometimes exciting. But a sense of personal change comes upon them.

Often motherhood is a mixed experience with a lot of new emotions or old ones surfacing, hormones and menstrual disruption, mood swings and within all of this a sense of frustration and lack of time, feeling the potential of new beginnings but not knowing where to start to put this into action.

I propose to you that these very mixed experiences of motherhood and creativity can amount to your own personal expression in the world and I invite you to come on a journey where we explore this blossoming transition. I would love to have you on this journey exploring what motherhood has birthed for you, alongside your children.

Click on the button below for more details of Motherhood’s Blossoming.


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