Herbs for Love and Peace

Herbs for Love and Peace

I decided to study herbs almost overnight!

A few months after finding the website of the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and being flung into a state of absolute certainty that this is what I had to do, I gave up my job, packed my car, and drove from London to Glasgow to take root in Scotland for four years and study herbal medicine. 

The reason I’m telling you this is because I want to share with you the impact, that first walking into my school’s dispensary had on me.

It’s difficult to explain it with words. But I started to cry. It was partly that I felt, that I was absolutely in the right place but that also there was some kind of communion going on. It was as if I could feel the energy of all the plants in that room combining to offer me support, communicating directly to my heart, telling me it was all ok.

There was a mercy in the feeling and a compassion, limitless love, as if all the support I needed was there in one room. I remember the smell. Again hard to explain. Complex but also immediately reassuring, deeply supportive. Tears were not of sadness but of gratitude, connection, and deep heartfelt thanks. 

From that day on I never doubt and perhaps never have that herbs can put us in touch with our infinite capacities for love, for finding our way, for drawing love to us and letting it guide us to health. Health in all aspects of our spiritual, mental and physical selves, that make up our whole being.
As my studies in herbal medicine continued I learnt about all the individual constituents that make up a herbs identity and from that began to understand how we can predict what a herb might do to us and how we might use it medicinally.

But alongside that I continued to learn that herbs are more than the parts of itself and, just as I had experienced in that room that day, herbs are not only a complex mix of molecular constituents they are manifestations of love and light. Here their action is perhaps less predictable but we can trust that, used with the right intention, their action upon us will be, in line with what we truly wish for, to connect us to who we truly are and take us where we truly need to go.

So it is no surprise that herbs can be used for times of irritability, discord and and imbalance; to help connect us to that place I experienced in the clinic that day, drop us into ourselves, deepen our connection and bring about a sense of peace and love. 

There are many herbs we can call on to change our state. Sometimes we don’t need a herb and we can fall into our state by allowing ourselves to feel how we are feeling. In doing so we can pass through it or into it, letting in that state of love.

But herbs can help us to do this too. And there are scientific reasons for this. The herbs in the tea below are relaxants. They relax the muscles, releasing physical and mental tension, bringing about relief from physical and emotional pain.

It is often tension and pain that can stop us from being aware of the love that is flowing towards us at all times. It was this that I experienced in the room that day, just being with and smelling the herbs and it is what I continue to feel just by being in close proximity to these healing plants. 

I have put together some of my favourite herbs that I use to take off the edges when I feel irritable, out of myself and low to help soothe, uplift and bring me to a more serene, accepting place in myself. I hope you find some peace and love in these healing plants.

A Herbal Tea for Love and Peace
Lavander flowers 20g
Chamomille flowers 20g
Rose petals 10g
Oats straw 20g
Skullcap 20g
Verbena 10g
Put 2 tsp into a teapot, pour one cup of boiling water onto it, cover with a lid, leave to infuse for 5-10 mins, strain, sit down in a quiet place and enjoy.

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