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February Blues

February Blues


Spices are not only good for giving you some much needed heat in this cold time and keeping bugs and  infections at bay, but did you know they can also change your mood and liven up your spirit.

1. Try sprinkling half a teaspoon of cinnamon on your porridge in the morning.

2. Use more chillies and ginger in your cooking or boil some up with some cinnamon bark and cardamon pods for an uplifting and cold busting tea. (Make sure you keep the lid on when you are boiling these spices to keep in the volatile oils.)

3. Use turmeric and burdock roots (now found in some sainsbury’s and many asian groceries),  in your soups and stews for their anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties.


Now is the time to give your system some support with relaxant herbs and adaptogens. Adaptogens can help your body to deal with stress which it is certainly under at this time of the year.

Try this uplifting, energy boosting, catarrh defying, smile tea

Gotu Kola leaves 20g
Lemon Verbena 20g
Lemon Balm 20g
St Johns Wort 20g
Elderflower 20g

Method: Combine all ingredients and place 2 tsb into one cup of boiling water. Cover and infuse for 10 minutes and drink 2-3 cups per day.

Getting out for some cold wintery walks and Vitamin D

Our vitamin D levels are at our all-time low at this time of year but even when the sun is low you can still get a good top up when you take a wintery walk. The exercise will also help to regulate our cortisol and other adrenal hormones that may be affecting our moods. So brave the cold and go for a stroll even if its just round the block!

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