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Pause Place

Pause Place

Last year I completed a course that qualified me as a certified coach. It was called Pause Place. I was looking for something to complement my herbal medicine practice and to go a bit deeper into some of the more emotional and psychological aspects that were coming up for my clients.

When the course ended I was left with the clear message that there is no technique, no tricks, no set of answers to heal others, only a deeper trust and faith in the power of love, presence and connection to enable another to come to their own insights. What I was left with was a deepening trust in the need to offer a space of love and listening so that people can experience the power of healing inside themselves.

This is something I am exploring more and more in my practice. How do all the difference aspects of ourselves combine to give us a sense of our health? How can they influence each other towards great equanimity, a sense of well being and a sense that all is as it needs to be?

I have found that my clients have really benefited from having this time to talk and share their feelings, difficulties and dreams. Sometimes the focus is on the physical symptoms, sometimes talking, sometimes silence. It is always on the premise that I trust that you know what you need and often the answers are just waiting for the right space to be heard. As we sit with each other the herbs that are needed will come to me, working on all levels, as herbs do. As you take the herbs, the journey deepens, and as you are listened to, you listen deeper to yourself, allowing balance, on all levels, to return.

If you feel drawn to this space then I would love to hear from you, whatever is concerning you.

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