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Episode 1: Fiona Shakeela Burns on Letting Life Forge Our Niche

Episode 1: Fiona Shakeela Burns on Letting Life Forge Our Niche

Episode 1: Fiona Shakeela Burns

Letting Life Forge Our Niche

Interview with the inspiring herbalist Fiona Shakeela Burns who talks about how her own journey with cancer has ‘trained’ her to be the herbalist she is now incorporating other energetic and healing modalities that best support her clients.

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Fiona Shakeela Burns is an integrative natural health consultant who practises in Bristol UK, offering Skype, telephone and face-to-face consultations. She graduated from the College of Phytotherapy in 1992 and has been a practising herbalist ever since. Passionate about life, Fiona delights in supporting people to connect to their natural vitality, healing- potential and joy. She combines her strong intuition with a scientific understanding of the physiology of the body and chemistry of herbs that she both grows and sources from trusted suppliers. EFT (or Tapping) , Matrix reimprinting and PSYCH-K enable Fiona to support her clients to understand and clear the emotional root causes of disease and then replace limiting beliefs with life-affirming ones. Her thirst for knowledge and understanding causes her to constantly seek life new ways to help people.

Fiona has a particular interest in health and transformation, having herself completely recovered twice from terminal cancer, both as a child when she had sarcoma and leukaemia and again as an adult when she had metastasised cervix cancer which had gone to the ovaries and brain. She has been cancer-free since 2008.

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Fiona believes we call in the clients that support our own growth so that our practice becomes our own healing journey.

I came away from the interview feeling the depth of healing that Fiona radiates.

Her presence is healing in and of itself and a key message she shares to us as herbalists is to deepen and relax into trusting ourselves and the herbs so that healing can occur.

Come on a healing ride and enjoy the first episode of the wealthy herbalist interviews.

“I’ve been amazed at the power of the body to heal itself”

Things we talked about:

  • The different energetic modalities Fiona uses alongside herbal medicine
  • How other modalities can enhance the effects of the herbs
  • How illness is a part of the healing journey
  • How life and her experiences with cancer has made her into the healer she is today.
  • What we can do as a healers and what we need to let go of trying to do
  • What is stopping us from being wealthy herbalists
  • Cultural limitations amongst herbalists and what is holding us back
  • Pricing and permission

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