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A Meeting of Two – What Does a Herbalist Do?

A Meeting of Two – What Does a Herbalist Do?

Apologies for the very long gap between this and my last newsletter but my writing time has been focusing on my new website which will be launching very soon! Summer also seems to have got in the way (where did the summer go?) and juggling childcare and a busy clinic meant my newsletter has slipped a little.

One of my clients said they thought it would be a good idea if I explained what a herbalist actually does. Having worked with me they said one of the things that they hadn’t realised before was that the medicine I gave her was made specifically for her.

I realised there are things I thought you might know about herbal medicine, and the way I work that you might not.

Firstly to say that no herbalist is the same, each herbalist will have variations of how they treat similar problems and a slightly different approach. This is the art of herbal medicine. However most herbalists do work with the premise that we treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.

In my cupboard I have many herbs some in liquid form some as loose dried herbs, powders, capsules, some as creams, infused oils, aromatic waters, essential oils etc, etc. From this cornucopia and from our meeting, I make an informed decision about what herbs to prescribe you. This will almost always be a tincture to take 3 times a day, a tea to drink and maybe some external preparation, an essential oil mix or massage oil. No medicine is the same twice.

The choice of medicines I decide to give you, comes out of our meeting. When I meet you, we sit together and we talk. I will already have some information from our enquiry call and a questionnaire that I ask you to do, but this first meeting in person is all important for me to get a sense of you, to sit with you and meet you. There will be some talking and there will be some relaxation. I will ask you what I need to know about where you are and what’s happening for you, medically but also emotionally. In this meeting of two I truly aim to meet you with an open heart. I gain insight into your health through all aspects of you and what is showing up for you right now on a physical and emotional level.

In deciding what to prescribe for you, I draw from my own western herbal medical training plus continuing professional training in the Chinese energetic medical system TCM and from my most recent training from Pause Place as a presence intelligence coach.

The meeting really is a meeting. I come to it to offer you a space to be and to feel safe to share your concerns. I may advise but without judgment. Advice may be around nutrition and supplementation to complement the herbal medicine protocol and as importantly it may be around how to find some rest, some deep relaxation, some time for you to take stock, go a little deeper, reconnect to the essence of you – where I believe the true healing lies.

From here we will meet again soon, so that I can monitor and keep in touch with you and how the herbs are working. This may be in person or on line depending on where you live and what the process needs. You will get new medicines made following each meeting, depending on how your health changes. Everything is in flux and each medicine changes according to your requirements. The herbs gently nudge the body back into balance, supporting you through physical and emotional transitions.

We go on this journey together but you are the all important factor and it is you that will be integrating the experience of this process into your life. I will help you to open up to this place in you that allows the change that you are seeking, and this often can be through kindness and acceptance of yourself first. A commitment to the process is essential though. Herbal medicine only works if you take the medicine! If you do it works on many levels, relieving you of physical symptoms and supporting you emotionally. The process and the herbs take you where you need to go, guiding you towards your own insights and ultimately to feeling empowered to take your health into your own hands. I believe that happiness and fulfillment can be experienced in every moment if we allow all of us to be. The difficult bits as well as the nice bits.

If you are curious about how herbal medicine and the approach I take, may be able to support your own health then I would love to have an enquiry call with you to explore this further or if you simply have questions about herbal medicine then I’d love to hear from you.

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