My Approach

My Approach

I am passionate about reconnecting people; to the living medicine growing all around us and to the healing capacity in each and everyone of us.

Fundamentally I believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself and the answers you are looking for are inside you. Through a deep listening combined with medical and herbal knowledge I can support you to find the health you are looking for.

I work with the human in all of us, the deep aspirational (perhaps devotional) parts of us that know they want something different but don’t know how to bring it into their lives.

I encourage a deepening into the physical, spiritual and emotional self so that the way to good health becomes clearer to you.

Work with me and the herbs to bring the change you need in your life and live the life you know is possible.

    Sarah Gray

My Journey

I originally went to see a herbalist for chronic constipation and we worked through many health issues. I found that my energy improved, I had more motivation, the quality of my sleep improved and I was no longer constipated, bloated or sluggish. More importantly things in my life started to change. Bad habits were easier to leave behind and I started to make different choices in my life.

I hadn’t realised that herbs work on all these different levels.

I remember being indignant with my herbalist at first, as she pointed out to me things that needed to change, but she helped me to realise that it wasn’t her who wanted the change, it was me.

It was the experience of this, which was later reinforced by seeing many people in clinic having their health symptoms improved by herbal medicine that really made me believe in herbal medicine. It is only when you have a personal experience of something that you can truly believe it.

Herbal medicine empowered me to take my own health into my hands and realise that I could feel the way I wanted to feel on all levels. This led me to want to study it and offer the same experience to others.

They say the herbs call you!

When I first walked into my school’s dispensary I started to cry. It was partly that I felt, I was absolutely in the right place, but also that the herbs were communicating with me directly.

From that day on I never doubt and perhaps never have that herbs can put us in touch with our infinite capacities for healing.



Getting to know me
Ask questions
Feel comfortable


Manifested symptoms
Underlying symptoms
Medical history
Long term effects


Home/emotional life


Personalised medication
Tinctures and Teas
Space to talk
Dietary adaptations
Supplementary advice
Expected outcomes

The Process

Enquiry Consultation

I offer a free 30 minute enquiry consultation for any questions you have and so that you can be sure if this is something you would like to do. If you decide you would like to go on this journey we will agree how long the initial process will need and make a commitment to work together for a certain amount of time.


Commitment to the process is essential. Unless you are ready to explore this process for yourself, and take the medicine, not much will change.

In the first consultation we will go into your case in-depth. You may be asked to bring previous test results. You may be asked questions you didn’t know were relevant. By the end of this session we will get to a deeper understanding of what is happening to you and why.

You will take home a prescription made specifically for you. This may be a liquid tincture or herbal tea or both and perhaps creams or ointments or aromatherapy where necessary. Tinctures are made with alcohol to preserve it but if this is not appropriate I can prescribe medicine without alcohol.

I will provide you with nutritional, relaxation, exercise and supplementation advice according to what the process needs. Most importantly I will provide the structure and space you need to work towards the health you are looking for.

Follow up

Once I am working with a client you are able to contact me during clinic hours with any questions or queries. We will meet again in person a few weeks later. Having close contact during the early stages of the process is important so that I can support you and adapt the medicines. Once the symptoms start to improve follow ups can then happen with more time between them.

    Sarah Gray