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Intuiting Healing
One to one healing sessions

This is a chance for you to dive into all aspects of your health and allow the herbs to guide you through their grounding, transcending and compassionate qualities to a greater sense of wellness and connection.

I will hold a space for you to listen deeply to yourself, allowing what wants to come up to be seen. As you learn to listen more deeply to yourself and follow your own intuition you will find many answers to what can sometimes feel like unsolvable challenges.

The herbs play a central role during these sessions in helping us connect to our body, by observing their effects upon us perhaps by drinking it or studying it through our senses. We may find some emotions that are held in the body and we can gently hold and release these, experiencing greater depths of ourselves and making space for new visions and endless potential.

Our body and soul are talking to us. All we need to do is learn to listen. Plants can help us to deepen this connection.


    What to expect:

    •    The sessions are 1.5 hours
    •    Please be on time to allow maximum time.
    •    Please wear something comfy and easy to move in. We may do some body work which may include lying on the floor and/or some simple movement.
    •    The body work may involve some simple hands on touch but I will ask your permission before I do this and will always let you know what I am about to do. Hands on work will be through your clothes. However if you do not feel comfortable with this please let me know in advance.
    •    We will be working with whole plants taken from nature and also the essence of plants infused in teas, tinctures or water based products. We may also use essential oils. If you have any allergies or are pregnant or have any history of alcoholism or don’t take alcohol for religious reasons please let me know in advance. I will ask this question before we start too.
    •    I may give you some simple medicine and/or some focused activity to take/do in between meetings.

    Investment of these sessions

    Individual sessions are £187 and can be booked as an addition to the back to balance packages.
    3 sessions can also be booked for £450

    Email me to book


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