I am passionate about reconnecting people; to the living medicine growing all around us and to the healing capacity in each and everyone of us. Fundamentally I believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself and the answers you are looking for are inside you. Through a deep listening combined with medical and herbal knowledge I can support you to find the health you are looking for.

I work with the human in all of us, the deep aspirational (perhaps devotional) parts of us that know they want something different but don’t know how to bring it into their lives. I encourage a deepening into the physical, spiritual and emotional self so that the way to good health becomes clearer to you.

Work with me and the herbs to bring the change you need in your life and live the life you know is possible.



In Testimonials
“Sarah gave me a fantastic ‘well-being mix’ which has really supported my emotional roller coaster.”
In Testimonials
“Sarah is an excellent healer. She listens intently, she works with your lifestyle and advises you in a tailored way.”
In Testimonials
“I’m starting to visualize myself as someone quite different to what I’ve visualised in the past. It feels like it’s just the beginning.”
In Testimonials
“I was looking for a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of hypothyroidism, a more empowering approach than simply taking a tablet.”
In Testimonials
“I’d had the night of hell. I feel like me again. I have decided I don’t want to do this on my own anymore.”
In Testimonials
“Sarah seemed to map my mind and body into a single entity.”
In Testimonials
“I wish I had come to see Sarah a year ago. The fact that I wasn’t going mad and was not the only woman who felt as I did was reassuring.”
In Testimonials
“Working with Sarah has provided a glimpse into the powerful capacity of herbal remedies to help my body heal.”



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